Sunday 5 August 2018

Life, love and lilos

I'm very much an open book. Ask me a question and I'll go off on a million paths to answer it fully. I'm not however a writer of my life, a self narrator if you will, so the whole 'life update' thing is rare and far between. That being said, heres how the past 7 months have come together to today, where I sit at 10:16am on a Tuesday morning writing about something I don't usually do but am doing. Off we go.

Without a doubt there has only been big thing that stood out between January and May. I headed down to Northern Cyprus with some of my closest family and spent two weeks in the early summer sun, burning my skin, not tanning at all, and most importantly, getting heatstroke on the last few days to which I spent a lot of time with my head over a toilet, being sick on the beach, in my lunch bag on the plane, and a shoe box an hour after we got home. It was the first time my family realised how much my blog and Instagram plans were at the forefront of my mind. The trip was overall a success, and I now realise how lucky I am that my cousins are all extremely close, in age and life. 
We have my job, and my uni course as a continuing thing throughout the year, and it shall be for many years to come. So we won't focus on them, but we shall focus on a boy. By focus I mean mention once or twice and document within my life as a large part of it. I'm not a squishy poetical person, but he is honestly one of the smartest humans I've ever met, has a fabulous face, and for some odd reason, is really bloody nice to me. So there we are, he has been documented and officially on the blog. 

Mentally, I'm better than I've ever felt in general. I think when I'm having a "calm day" as I call them, I'm the best I'll get. When they're bad, they're the worst they've been. But I am getting there. 

It's summer now. The pool is up, the lilo is blown, and the cups of tea are never far away. This is good, it's all really good.

That is it really. A quick roundup of things from the past 7 months. So heres to the next 5 x


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