Sunday 3 March 2019

February's Beauty Edit and Hair Update

Primer by Dermologica / Moisturizer by Freshly Cosmetics / Eye serum by Freshly Cosmetics / Red lipstick by Kiko / Highlighter by Guerlain / Nude lipstick by Tom Ford / Brushes by LGFG / 

I class myself as a Fashion Blogger. My Instagram is style focused and my inbox is mainly full of fashion brands. That doesn't however mean that I'm not partial to a splurge online grabbing all the new in beauty bits that I can. I have a routine, my everyday face, but every now and then a new gem will fall into my hands (via my bank account or nice pr person) and here is an non extensive list of February's new in beauty. Oh, and I'll be chatting about my new hair in a sec too, you lucky thing.

We'll start with the skincare. I am lucky enough to be apart of the Dermologica Skinfluencer programme where I was sent a few bits and bobs to try out. The one standout product for me has to be the Skinperfect Primer. An orangey base smooth mousse is the best description you're going to get here. With SPF 30 it's helpful for these late winter sunny days. Freshly kindly sent me a moisturizer and an eye serum to try, both of which have not made my skin breakout of eye bags dry up. A first for the eyes. I've only used thm both for a week or so, so I want to wait a tad longer for a full opinion, but so far so blooming good.

Make up next and I bit a very large bullet and bought a Tom Ford lipstick the same day as a Guerlain highlighter. Both valid and well used purchases. I would have wished for the lipstick to be a bit creamier, or less orange based, but that's just me and I knew what I was buying before I did. I researched both products endlessly and decided they were good to go. The highlighter is a subtle shade of gold, and it's a thumbs up from me.

Kiko launched a range of Valentines inspired products and I was sent a few to try. One was this Sweetheart Lipstick of a red and pinky/purpley variety. Smooth enough, and fab packaging. It's a colour for a fancy dinner or event rather than an every day, but that's my personal preference. I think the collection is on sale now since V day has been and gone, so pop down (or online) if you fancied catching it before they disappear.

Lastly, Look Good Feel Better got in touch to talk about their new range of brushes, available in stores, which donates proceedings to the charity. The charity aim to make those suffering with the likes of cancer, to feel like themselves again for a day. I first heard of the brand when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. The hospital where she had her treatment had a small room of sofas, books and leaflets giving advice for families, and for the patients themselves on things like wigs. One of these was for Look Good Feel Better. They ran sessions for people to go in, free of charge, and learn how to do makeup during and after their treatment. My mum lost all of her hair including eyebrows, so the sessions would teach a way of helping any anxiety that comes with treatment. When the charity sent me the brush set to mule over, I was so very happy to talk about it. I can't think of a better business to give my money to for my own beauty interests, that also help people in these situations, like my mother was.

My hair.
For a while I wanted bangs, as the Americans call it. A side fringe or a full fringe was the question and upon being invited down to Rush's new salon in Farringdon, I chose a parted, both sided one that would hang perfectly if I wished to have my hair up for a change. I had quite a bt chopped off, more than initially wanted, but it's just hair, it'll grow back. The salon is lovely in itself, with flowers and balloons left over from the opening, and a new set of stylists at the ready. Mine was a lovely lady called Romina who may have convinced me to think about a blonde balayage the near future.

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