Monday 29 April 2019

The life update no one asked for


I've grown a tad faster on the old Instagram recently than I have done ever done before. I thought about doing a few stories to introduce myself to everyone new but remember that I'm boring and no one will listen. So I'm writing it instead. As boring, but I can reduce the rambles.

I'm 22 and a half, an Essex girl with a Fiat 500 who enjoys a vanilla iced latte every so often. I have a minimal amount of friends and intend to keep it so (or unintentionally, who knows). My house is often called a farm as my mother is obsessed, and I put the milk in first when making a cup of tea. My boyfriend of a year or so is wonderful and knows not to ask me to cook, because I simply cannot.

I work in a school, my school, as a teaching assistant with students with special ed needs. They're great. I am a qualified Thrive Practitioner and one of the school's three mental health 'champions' and mental health 'first aiders'. I am studying for my Business and Marketing degree part time, at the University of Essex.

I have a great jawline from my father, and a great big gob from my mother. Joke. Said mother recently overcame the big C word, as did my father many years before. Different C, different treatments, equally as daunting for me at 20, as it was at 13. I have the worst anxiety I've ever had. I no longer use the tube unless it's past 9pm and an Uber home would cost more than £25.

I like all things beige. Nudes and creams are wonderful basics, and pearls and lace are always in.

And that's really it. Thanks for reading. Milky tea anyone?

Photos by Stacy White Photography


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