Sunday 19 May 2019

Trends I'll be wearing this season

It's officially spring, by name and possibly not by nature. Outcome the mini skirt and heeled sandles and the bulky knits are banished to our lofts once again. This year I really feel like I know what I want to wear, and the key staple pieces I need to buy.

Midi dresses and skirts
These *hopefully* will never leave us. A flowy skirt in the June winds is a beauty, and paired with both a thin roll neck on the colder days or a strappy cami in the sun, they are a must.

Woven and wooden
As many may know, stilettos are not for me, mainly because I can't walk, and remind myself of a goat when trying. Thicker, shorter heels are a-go. These Miss Selfridge ones are hitting all the trends with the wooden heel and woven material. LOVE.

Flowers.. for Spring? Groundbreaking. But it's true. A classic. That is all.


Oh my have I been won over on this one. Imagine year 9 Katie, sitting behind a sewing machine in the tech room, swearing blind she'll never touch another piece of gingham once she's done making her pink pyjamas. What is it, like 7 years later? Here we are. I love it. It's been the only thing I've searched for recently. I want it all (and by all I mean the yellows and beiges, obviously). 

A non extensive list. There will be more. There's always more. 

Photography by Stacey White Photography


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  1. I love every one of the Spring trends you mentioned above.
    I especially love the looks of the flowy floral print wrap dress you were wearing in the fabulous outfit photos above.
    It's very pretty.


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