Wednesday 5 June 2019

Stop telling me to be happy with my body

I've sat through many talks about body positivity and have various mental health qualifications. I am beyond happy that we can now all see that a normal body is ANY body. I'm glad we can all see that the women in Vogue are photoshopped and not real, and we can spot if someone's got a filter on their face. Does that mean we should call them out for it and tell them to be happy with what they have? Well no not really. It's come to the point of seeing tweets or stories where people feel that they're not allowed to feel bad about themselves, that wearing a filter because they want to is a making someone else feel bad, like THAT'S the crime here. 

It seems like nothing, because of the thousand 'it's ok not to be ok' messages we see daily. It's great, but I think people assume that that's all it takes to be positive, a little positivity thrown your way. Telling me my legs look great doesn't mean I'll stop hating them instantly. I wouldn't dare moan about them to anyone because I'll have some unwanted positivity thrown in my face and I'll feel worse for hating them than how I felt originally. Does that make any sense, I feel like it doesn't. But anyway...

I see so many people saying that they are confident in whatever body they're in to wear a bikini or that they don't want to go to the gym. That is amazing and I'm all for it. But there people who ARE wanting to change and AREN'T happy with themselves, so stop making them feel bad for wanting to change. 

 If Sally wants to lose 3 pounds because she feels uncomfortable, say "Sally that's great, go for it" not "Sally don't do it you don't need to" because it's empty words and Sally doesn't want them. The same with nose jobs or lip fillers, breast enlargements and hair removal. We're all for people doing what they want with their own bodies, so if they want to change them, let them change them. Here's a poem to help: If you're happy with your body then that's great for you, but some people aren't and that's ok too. Great isn't it.


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