Monday 24 February 2020

My basic beauty essentials for travel

If there is one thing to stress me out whilst traveling, it's fitting my liquids into that little plastic bag. Annoyingly, most of my makeup seems to be liquid based so whilst some I can leave behind, others will just have to come along for the ride too.

Whilst abroad, I don't worry too much about make up at all. For evening strolls and fancy restaurants I'll apply a moisturizer, such as this oil free mini from Context, as it is absorbed and won't leave a greasy face and a need for a primer to mattify. Foundation wise, I can't live without my Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define foundation. I've got it in three shades, by F4 is my saviour. I have a bundle of higher end ones in the cupboard, equally ones that would fit far better in the plastic bag. But nonetheless, this little bottle of joy will forever be my favourite. I don't usually opt for concealer, unless a spot or two have appeared or I've mucked up my eyebrows and need to reline. For this, I THAT Collection concealer that everyone loved 5 years ago. It's still a firm favorite in my house for sure. 

Blush and the likes
At home, a contour stick is my go to along with a powder for bronzing and blushing. However space permitting, I take this gorgeous little pallet away with me each time. It's the Becca Blush and Glow pallet (apart of the Khloe and Malika collection). With two blush shades, a highlighter and bronzer in my perfect dull brown, I can't think of anything better suited for travel. It has a huge mirror too so perfect for on the go touch ups. 

Eyes, brows and everything in between.
For eyes, I use a touch of a blush shade from the Becca palette for eyeshadow. Then, I'll take my little Kiko eyeliner that I ADORE and have been using for years. It's a thin wand and the only thing I can use for a decent flick. For pencil liner, my NARS one is a dream and the perfect mini size too. Mascara is the Too Faced Better Than Sex one, which is the best mascara I've ever used. Brows differentiate depending on date (how thick they are and how much needs filling) and where I'm going. For travel, I'll opt for a pencil, and have recently been using the Makeup Revolution brow stick in Dark Brown. Beforehand however, I'll quickly shape and tame the flyaways with my Eyeko brow gel, which is ever so slightly tinted and at home, I'll sometimes only use this on a day to day basis. Lips will also depend on the situation. I'm always a nude girl, and a Barry M matte lipstick won't go a miss. However, for liquid space saving, I chose a random nude lipstick from my never ending nude collection. 

Perfume is always hard as small bottles are usually in such random shapes that fittin them in a bag is tricky. However my current favourite, J Lo's Promise, is a godden and perfectly flat for packing too. Before bed, I'm trying to cut down on wipe usage, so will opt for a micellar water and reusable cotton pad instead. Do this twice or three times for a good cleanse. 

What are your beauty travel essentials?

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