Saturday 7 March 2020

Off white and basic

I'm a known disliker of brown shoes. I think they're fab with a little white dress in the summer, but not for suits. But today we are here, with brown sandals, brown trousers and a cream top. It's not even white. I know. Bare with me here.

I'm a sucker for basics. Telling everyone I know to pair black or white with a brighter colour, because neutral bases are the way forward. But here, I don't have either of my base colours at hand. Let's not go too crazy though. My top is cream and so one of the 50 shades of white shall we say anyway. Just not sparkling Daz white you know. But still, the sleeves, the dots, the TIE. I'm in love. My trousers are a faux leather pair from Missguided. Sandals are from Newlook, new in and have that Gucci vibe from the buckle.

Now I'm not saying I'm ditching the base colours forever. I can't. If it's a coloured dress, then white or black boots it is. I've branched out recently though with a mint green sandal, but then one would only pair that with a white jean, skirt or dress. Of course.

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