Monday 18 May 2020

The flare edit

For many many years I stood up against flares. The 70s were gone and I was a 90s baby. I grew up hating many items, mules, hats, and wide legged jeans of all sorts. Then one day, last year, I just sort of bought a pair. They were skinny on the thigh, and wide by the feet. The didn't fit because finding petite flares is a mission and a half, but it sparked a little interest in the way of the flare. 

I found some on ASOS, cheap but did the job, until I wore them in the rain and they were no longer wearable as you can imagine. I ordered some from Topshop, until lockdown happened and they were sent back to the warehouse never to be seen again. I wasn't having much luck let's say, until these arrived from Shein. 

High waisted? Check. Stretchy? Check. Tight on the thigh and flared BELOW the knee? CHECK. I had found them. I think Shein is an underrated jean giver. Even the boyfriend, who may I add would turn his nose up as I once did, at the mention of the word flare, said how nicely they fitted.

And my friends, this is the story of how I came to have my first pair of jean flares.

Pick yourself up a pair here. Use my code katiecouture15 for money off your spend at Shein. Items in post are gifted but the post is not sponsored. 


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