Monday 18 May 2020

The at home photo situation

What a situation to be in. It seemed almost overnight that everything we knew had changed. I'm not here for the politics, or to talk about hardship however. Let's talk about content. 
I do feel though, very lucky to have this outlet, more so Instagram than the blog at this stage, to focus on as Saturdays were my photo and editing days, and were the best day of the week for me. It's odd now, I feel like I'm constantly running out of content for the feed, but I've also never been so creative in my life, although it may not look it with a white sheet and a quick snap.

Here's a quick list of what I've done, and how things have changed thoughout the past two or three months. Who knows anymore.

1. I started with the white sheet as mentioned, and quickly realised that the curtain I'd ordered was basically see through. I Ebayed a pieces of, what I thought was cream, material to go behind it, however it's very yellow and awful to look BUT usable. And I suppose that's what matters. I've also used a bedsheet which is a much nicer colour, and slightly easier to hang with the edges. Still not great but we just don't have the space for a proper set up. If you do, this amazon sheet is a fabulous bet

2. Filler photos. I've always made sure that I got three or four photos per outfit, including headshots and closeups per each, so filler photos have never been needed. Until now. At the start of all this I had no idea what I wanted to do. Tears have been shed because, if you saw my content at the beginning, nothing was working. My presets were out the window because they're for streetstyle in a city where the sky is taken up by skyscrapers, not badly lit bedrooms and or bright sunny days. I grabbed my Olympus 45mm lens at the time and shot some close up details, whacked a white filter and off we went. I've never felt like my content was so bad and so boring before. Filler photos worked, just to bide the time. And now filler photos are my saviour each week if for example, my deliveries are taking a tad longer than expected, or those new jeans don't particularly fit since I ordered them.

3. Props. Such as:
- Mirrors
-Shoes (do they count)
-Hair clips
Anything small and cute. I think that sums it up.

4. Save save save. See a post you fancy recreating (not copying obviously and tag the creator if its similar), then save it and give it ago. Even if it's just the lighting, backdrop or flatlay. My instagram saves are full of inspiration.

5. Train someone else, or grab a tripod and timer. I've been subtly training my boyfriend for the past two years now, on compositions and lighting, and now I *think* he's just about got it. On days where it's just not working and I'm becoming blogzilla, I'll prop the camera up on the draws and grab my self timer. It also means that I check every photo, and things like the focus, lighting etc are all checked each time so I'll end up with 5 photos I love rather than 100 I just don't like. 

6. Remember shoes aren't everything. I spent a lot of time at the beginning worrying that I couldn't get full body shots but I've since relaxed a bit and if the shoes really do matter, sling them over your shoulder or hold them in your hand. 

What are yout at home content tips?
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