Monday 8 June 2020

The summer dress

The summer dress. Over the top sleeves, blowy skirts and thin fabric. I'm partial to a ruffle too I must say. The summer dress comes in all forms, and whilst some are strictly 35 degrees+ weather, most can be transitioned into your AW wardrobe too, so now is the best time to invest for the next half a years worth of style. 

I'm wearing this Shein (gifted) dress. It's long sleeves are super thin with the cutest ruffle cuff. It's low cut, but nothing a pin or vest can't fix if it's not for you. I'm all for slightly puffed looking, fling yourself about in it kind of skirts. I can imagine a picnic with some white wine and strawberries on a warm day with this skirt slightly spread across the floor. 

My summer dresses are the pieces I look forward to pulling from the loft each year and this one is no different. 

Dress gifted from Shein. Use code katiecouture15 for money off. Click here to buy * affiliate link


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  1. I love that SheIn dress!!!
    The tiered ruffles are delightfully feminine, and I love the puffy sleeves with their ruffled cuffs.
    It looks very pretty, and you look beautiful wearing it.

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