Wednesday 6 October 2021

Bath: where we stayed


If you've read my Bath: what to do guide, you'l remember just how much I love the city of Bath. We took a trip in mid-late summer, which was perfect weather wise, and not too busy that we didn't get to enjoy the things we had planned.

Today I wanted to give you a quick run down of the places we stayed at whilst there. Each hotel has it's own mini-review so click through for their individual posts.

Abbey Hotel Bath
I made a *slight* error with the bookings, and instead of booking one hotel from Tues-Thurs and the other Thurs-Fri, I had actually booked one from Wed-Fri and the other Thurs-Fri, a problem we only stumbled upon when I looked at my paper work for hotel 1's postcode on the way there... Click here for the full review and full story
About the hotel:
+ Fabulous staff
+ Amazing breakfast in the hotel's restaurant
+ Right by the river
+ Minutes walk from everywhere
+ Small room but modern
+ Beautiful views from bathroom
+ Room service delivered within minutes
I don't actually have anything negative to say at all about the hotel if I'm honest. It's nailed the modern and vintage/original look and it's definitely top on my list for future visits.

Francis Hotel Bath- MGallery
Our stay here wasn't so great. The room had a number of issues including lights that didn't work, the only window in the room covered in bird poo, stains on the sheets, and the walls, irons that smelt like burning instantly and dirty water in the kettle. I of course have complained and have been invited back next year once the refuerbushments have been made to the hotel. The manager insists the issues I faced are the ones he has highlighted for changes by next year. So I will keep this page updated with developments.
+ Also a central location
+ Modern looking
+ Breakfast delivered to room if restaurant is fully booked
+ In hotel bar with friendly staff
+ Rooftop bar
+ Close to Jane Austen musem
+ Minutes walk from a bunch of restaurants

Will update this page each time we stay somewhere new in Bath! What has been your favourite place to stay in the city?


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