Wednesday 6 October 2021

The Abbey Hotel Bath

The Abbey Hotel Bath. In one sentence? Stay here.

From the all in one desk and wardrobe combo to the gorgeous views from the toilet seat (you heard me), I loved this hotel wholeheartedly. You may have read my Bath: where we stayed post, where I said that I couldn't find fault with this hotel, and my point still stands. It's a Marriot, and you can tell. Don't get me wrong, it's not the biggest hotel room on the planet. But there is enough space. Theres a TV, the chair for coats and clothes to be thrown onto at the end of a fun day. I mentioned the desk/wardrobe combination and whist they're separate entities, they're connected, and that's good enough for me. There's free bottled water, an iron and ironing board, robes and slippers. 

The hotel is all about printing art. The theme is carried throughout the rooms with prints on the wall and a print roller by the side of the bed. I adored the headrest and the old style phone was a hit on my Instagram that evening. 

Location wise it's pretty much perfect. Located across the road to the River Avon, the hotel is a couple of minutes walk from the local shopping areas, restaurants and touisty places such as the Roman Baths and the Abbey itself.

When I stupidly messed up the dates of our stay, it was the staff at the hotel who instantly sorted the problem, transferring our stay from the Thursday night to the Tuesday night without a hitch. We had a glorious breakfast in the hotel's restaurant, and it became a "thing" for me to try the avo on toast each day at the different hotels we stayed in. This one was a gooden. We ordered room service throughout the evening which was brought up to our room quickly, and all in all had a fabulous stay.

We only stayed at the Abbey Hotel for one night, but I really do wish we had longer there. If you are looking for a hotel in Bath where you want a little bit of luxury, then I cannot recommend this hotel enough.



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