Monday 23 October 2023

Nature and the city girl


Up until my mid twenties, I firmly considered myself as a city girl only. It has been only in the past year or so that I have actively wanted to go for a walk in the forest, along the beach or just get out of the house at all. I think the pandemic had a big part to play in that. I moved in with J's family when covid first hit and when restrictions were lifted and weekend stay-overs were permitted, moved back home. Come the winter, lockdown two happened and socially distanced walks in the park were all we had. We would stay outside for hours in the cold, walking and walking because that was the only time we would see each other that week, or for a number of weekends depending on his shift pattern. 

J's parents then moved to the countryside at the beginning of this year and the difference of waking up to sirens or a bus driving past and rattling the house, in a London suburb, to seeing the stars for the first time at night and the birds being your alarm clock really did do us all wonders. Park walks became long forest walks where the middle point was a Sunday roast at the pub before tracking back again. 

I bought my first pair of walking boots and I now own a wax coat can you believe. My favourite pieces of content to create are sat on a fence or in a field, fedora in tow and no one else around. J enjoys growing his own vegetables and when we bought the house this past June, spent many a day choosing and planting a selection of brightly coloured flowers.

At nearly 27, nature has finally won me over and this city girl is planning her great escape to the Cotswolds for retirement already.


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