Tuesday 8 August 2023

2023: Summer in the City & the Year Ahead


The house buy

The year is, as always, flying towards the winter months and I for one am not sad about it. I love the 'ber months and although we've just begun to settle into August, my mind is firmly on twinkling lights and what colour my wrapping paper will be this year. We've achieved a lot so far. The biggest thing would of course be the purchase of our first house. We upped our budget from January's, and purchased a three bed-3 bath town house. The house is pretty perfect for our needs, and we most definitely got a bargain with the price. 

For me, the most exciting thing is the start of my very own room. We have our bedroom but are turning the second room into a dressing room. Whilst many people have asked us why we would take a generous sized room and turn it from a guest room to a room for wardrobes alone, the answer given is always why not? Why waste the space of a large room for the sake of a person staying over twice or so a year. So we have finally begun to change the boring, white room into a pink dressing room of dreams.

I haven't had my own room since I was 5, some 21 years ago. When my sister came along my dreams of a girly room were dashed and even in the most recent redecoration, somehow grey walls made the final cut (I was of course not consulted prior to this), so a pink room is something I have yearned for for many a year.


This summer I qualified as a teacher, teaching secondary school Business Studies. A year in the making, the qualification came on the same day as we picked up our keys, and the day we reached our 5th year anniversary. Good things come in threes they say. 

Looking at the year ahead

I feel like the best version of myself right now. I have three more weeks off work, and 0 plans, which for me means I can focus on creating a house I love living in, and slowly settle into the house for the colder months. Have I already watched a Christmas film? Yes. Right now the rain is hitting the windows in the lounge and I've just booked a few tickets to Winter Wonderland in November. 

Heres to the rest of 2023.



  1. Congratulations on the acquisition of your new home!
    Your plans for it sound wonderful.
    Kudos to you for having qualified as a secondary school business studies teacher.
    Best wishes for the rest of year 2023 to you as well!

    1. P.S.: I love the appearance of the dress you were wearing in the photo above,
      and of all of the pretty flowers! Great photo!


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