Tuesday 18 April 2023

A week in Alicante

When your aunt and uncle buy a villa in Spain, with a 10 minute drive to the beach and a gorgeous marina not too far away, you say yes when they ask the family to stay for a week. Whilst I, of course, won't give too much away about the location, the villa is situated in a mountainous area, with a couple of pools close by and so quiet that falling asleep in the afternoon sun is truly a dangerous risk. Layers of suncream is advised.

We flew from Stansted on a Saturday morning and stayed until 10pm Friday night. Our week saw us eating very well, from pizzerias, Chinese food houses and chips on the beach. We lounged by the local pool, which, until the last day, was completely empty and just full of our own party of 11. The pool was gorgeous, overlooking the mountains and villas of the area, with straw umbrellas and aesthetically pleasing pool tiles galore. 

We decided, for some strange reason, to get up at 6am which, in Spain, is still pitch black, to climb up one of the mountains close by to watch the sunset. The mountain however is essentially vertical and whilst we just about got up there, the coming down saw a little more bum shuffles and a very dirty outfit. Sadly, the sun decided that it was happy behind the clouds but all for the memories I suppose.


The beach was a 10 minute drive away, and about an hours walk, we chose the former. The beach had that gloriously soft sand, hot in the sun and my favourite sand banks which I couldn't help but choose for some photos. We went twice, the second on our final day the morning of the flights, and the beach was near enough empty. Such a lovely way to end the week.


We headed to the Marina one night, a little bit of a drive away but worth it for the sea views and mini market for those that wanted anything from key rings to faux Prada bags. Drinks were expensive as expected and the food wasn't too great, but it was a lovely evening regardless.

Alicante is lovely for a quick little trip this summer and if you can grab yourself a villa over a hotel, I would absolutely recommend doing so.


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