Sunday 16 April 2023

A weekend in Paris


For as long as I can remember, being in Paris on my birthday has been a far off dream, until my 26th trip around the sun made that come true. My allows for a few extra days in November off, and for as long as I've been there, it has always landed on my birthday. 

We opted for the 7.01am Eurostar to Gare du Nord station which was as seamless as intended, arriving just after 10am and locating out hotel, which was not much more than 20 steps from the station door. 

We couldn't check in until later on in the day so after walking for 40 or so minutes with out suitcases, opted to stay fairly local for some lunch and a look around the Parisian shops. We headed back to the hotel for check in, and as it was my birthday, were kindly given a voucher for a glass of champagne in the hotel bar.

The Hotel

We stayed at the 25 Hours Hotel at Terminus Nord for 2 nights. The stay was part gifted, and we were given a Large Plus room which came with a free mini bar for one night and a balcony, with a glorious view if I do say so myself. The hotel is very quirky, but everything just seemed to work. I fell in love with the bathroom, but I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Being tourists

Paris has been on my to-go list for years, so on the Saturday morning, we raced down to the Eiffel Tower as early as the light would let us. We used Ubers for all transport, but enjoyed walks along the Seine (name that song?!) and Champs-Élysées for most of the day. I may have teared up just a little at the sight of the tower for the first time, and then again that evening when it sparkled too. 

Food and drink

A little restaurant for some chips and a drink. Currently cannot find the name but will update in due course!

Our first dinner was at Riviera. I had the fish and chips and my partner had a steak of which he could not have been happier.

Breakfast began at the hotel with a classic croissant and some juice.

Macaroons and later dinner in the evening from McDonalds (the one on Emily in Paris I later found out!)

Hot chocolate and a cookie from Cafe Joyeux (highly recommend as they employe people with special needs, and coming from that background of work, I loved it).

A quick drink at Cafe Le Corona. Wouldn't visit myself again, just as the staff were far too much.

Lunch at the restaurant in the Christmas Market in Jadrin des Tuileries. Brilliant food.

Final drink to watch the sparkling tower at Chez Francis. Expensive but great view.

I am in love with Paris. Before the trip my partner was adamant that the city was "dirty and smelly", but his view quickly changed. Of course, first thing on a Saturday morning the local bins were overflowing, but it's nothing different to London after a good night out either. I'm planning another trip this year, hopefully in the spring, to see the few places we didn't managed on our quickly weekend away.


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