Monday 1 January 2018

Hello January

2017. A year of the diagnosis. The year of finding my place in the blogosphere. The year of grafting the path for my dream job. I won't dwindle too much on the past year, as the past is in the past, however it was one of highs and lows that inevitable made me realise how life can throw anything at you at the most unforeseeable of times. 

Now to 2018. My 'game' of blogging, photography and general networking has increased beyond what I could see in the last 6 months alone. I'm excited to see where this will take me (literally... blogging squad trip to Paris girls??)and what I can make of it. I can't really set goals because when have I ever gone through with anything I've said? I did however get a fitness tracker from Santa aka le papa so I guess I'll try that. Oh and drinking more water. That counts as two right?

Here's to a year of better physical & mental health, wealth and friendship.



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