Sunday 22 April 2018

Diamond times at the UK Blog Awards 2018

I didn't expect to win, and even when it got to our turn, I wasn't nervous or even hopeful because I'm not a vlogger. I don't really know what I am. I'm a blogger, obviously, but I haven't blogged much recently so I feel that I need to re earn that title. Starting today. The UK Blog Awards is one that I think people look at and aspire to attend. You really should not. Let me lead you through my evening...

6.30pm the doors opened at the Marriott hotel. The foyer was packed with well dressed people, and a few with iPads taking names. The iPadders were scrambled about, not in a certain place near the door, so anyone and their dog could have walked in, said they'd been ticked off and go through. The tickets weren't cheap for the plus ones of the finalists, and by the time we'd gotten there at just after 7, all of the promised free drinks, had gone. I spent 10 minutes lining up at the bar to be told there were no soft drinks there and was stuck with a warmed up juice on a tray that no one seemed to want. We sat down, and the show started half hour later than promised. The hosts were what I would call dreadful, and with half of the audience rudely talking the entire way through, you couldn't hear a thing. One host was far too energetic and I felt like I was at a bad Butlins show aged 5. I doubt the run through of the awards was successful as the presenters of each award seemed to run through their lines faster than the rush of people on the way out. For a Blog Awards, the lighting was honestly awful. There was so much promised by the organisers, and nothing delivered. Bar the hotel, I fail to see what on earth everyone's ticket prices covered? The awards were a piece of paper to say the least. 
The night ended, I saw some blogging pals to chat to for 10 minutes before we grabbed a goody bag and left swiftly by 10. I don't know of anyone who actually bothered to go to the after party either and the canapes were only brought out once everyone had left. 
I really do hope that this year was a one off, and other years are far better organised. I'm honoured to have been a finalist, but the trip there was pretty pointless to say the least. 

On the bright side....
A week before the awards, H Samuel got in contact to ask if I would wear their diamonds down the red carpet. I didn't find a red carpet on the night but I did indeed wear the very very expensive jewels. I was lucky enough to wear the most gorgeous rose gold set, including a bracelet, necklace and two rings. Sending them the rings back has been a heartbreaking process as they are stunning, but I simply cannot afford a grand for them both.

Bracelet: 8592667
Princess ring: 8592276
Round ring: 5284074
Necklace: 3864472


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