Thursday 26 April 2018

Natural hair care for the everyday woman

On a rainy Wednesday I headed to Ethos Restaurant in London to experience a tropical paradise like never before. Upon walking in, we were greeted by actual trees planted all over the floor to ceiling, with flowers hanging and a feeling of being inside a mini forest in the heart of the capital. I hadn't heard much about the brand, Tropic, before their new hair care launch. With the tabled adorned with food, drink and products, we chatted to one of the brand reps Katherine, who explained what each product did and the background of the brand.

The new range features four new products. The hair wash is your usual shampoo. Vegan and natural as is the entire range, and good for those every day or every few day washes. At £16, the pH balanced formula has biodegradable ingredients, with coconut, aloe vera and babassu extract. The hair cleanse is one that I think everyone was intrigued by, and is a mix of shampoo and conditioner (sort of), to be used twice or so a week, and give the hair a thorough wash and nutrient restoration. This is £18 and includes ingredients such as macadamia oil, arginine and pro vitamin B5. This can be worked with the scalp massager (£8) which allows the non foaming product to be worked through the hair easier and boosts that all important circulation to the scalp. 

The hair feast is as close to a conditioner as they come. I don't use conditioners every week, as my shorter hair gets greasy very quickly if I over use it, but I am very excited to play about and see which products work with my hair the best. This is also £18 and has murumuru butter and plant proteins including jojoba and tamanu to soften the hair. Lastly is a hair oil. I know I should use them, and I've seen the benefits from other people, but every time I think about using an oil, I imagine sticky, greasy and clumpy hair, and never know how to properly apply one. This oil smells amazingly fresh, and I think (or hope) it'll make my oil usage become a more permanent thing. This one is £24 and is a light formula, including vitamin E, maracuja and abyssinian oils to make the hair shiny and improve manageability. There is also a travel set at the fab price of £15 for 100ml tubes (15ml for the oil) and £20 with the scalp massager if you fancied trying them out before grabbing the entire range at full price. 

Just before we left (with a very generous gift bag may I add), I sat down to get my hair played with by the girls at Duck and Dry. I've heard of D & D, seen work by D & D and that day I finally experienced D & D. My hair has never smelt, felt and looked better. The curls were perfect for my hair length, but by the time I'd done two trains and a half hour walk home in the wind, they'd falling out completely. RIP fabulous hair.

I'm very excited to try more products from the brand as everything just smells soo good. Oh, and they promise wonderful things too. 


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