Monday 2 April 2018

The trend of the season: suits


Fashion week. The week that MADE the suit. I've always admired the co-order, with no intention or confidence to try one myself. When the likes of Lissy Roddy and Lorna Luxe graced the 'gram with their casual'd two pieces it was safe to say that I was in fact influenced, and popped one in my basket straight away.

I chose this pink (shocker) Missy Empire number with white pinstripes. The trousers fit length wise, but I choose to roll them up once or twice, to show the ankle or the shoe off a little more. The blazer was always a worry for me. Separately I know I could style them, together I felt that I would in fact look either like a deck chair, or a tube of pink toothpaste. Whilst those fears will not leave, I do think that having a loose hangin blazer isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. You can tailor it if you so wished to, or leave it as it is, for a more casual look. 

Underneath I popped on a Missguided crop top, which hit the point that the high waisted trousers cam up to. For the first time, I didn't actually feel too self conscious that a tiny bit of my belly would be shown, if the two didn't actually touch. Shoe wise I wore my trusty high top white Converse because what says laid back and cool like a pair of All Stars.

Blazer- Click here
Trousers- Click here
Converse- Click here
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