Wednesday 2 May 2018

New in beauty edit

I've been sent (and bought) A LOT of new of new beauty products recently, so I thought I'd throw them all at you in one big post. You are most welcome.

Possibly the most worn thing of the month, the Amo Ferragamo fragrance is pure luxury and although I'd become immune to the smell, I'll receive daily compliments when I wear it. The launch of this was done at Tonight Josephine, a bar in London, with the pinkest, dreamiest interior you ever did see. The scene is floral and young and I adore every bit of it.

The second fragrance launch this month was the Yardley range. Each bottle represents a different side of a woman apparently. Yardley are very much marketed at the older generation, but I'm very glad that they're starting to aim their products at a younger audience, because for a quick, every spritz, their new scents are lovely.

Make up
The first and most used makeup product this month has been the L'Oreal Infallible foundation sticks. I bought the lightest one for the base, and a darker shade to contour with. These are fab and although my skin sticks to anything at the moment, it doesn't look too cakey. I also don't feel that I need a powder when I wear it so would definitely recommend!

I tried the Original Beauty Blender this month whilst on holiday and it really is as good as they all say. Even dry, I don't notice any dry patches or clogging, which is always a problem in the hotter months.

The beauty boxes 
Birchbox is a brand that I have previously subscribed to. Most of the products are mini's or samples BUT usually of higher end brands. This month came with a mini of the new Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara and I LOVE it. I was never a Badgal fan with the original, loving the Roller Lash far more, but this new one has me converted. It's a liquidy formula and I like the plastic brush also.

I was also kindly given a box of goodies to try from Indulge, which is a new store in Stratford Westfield that do every high end, hard to get hold of, name under the sun. The launch seems like a lifetime ago now but even so, the products they have me were fab, including the previously mentioned beauty blender, and I was able to try brands like Clarins for the first time too!

The hair care

If you'd have read this post then you may have seen the new Topic hair care launch that happened recently. I haven't been able to try out all of the products yet (an oil still scares me!) but the hair wash is fab for every day cleansing but I feel like it will need a conditioner after as my hair wasn't the silkiest it's every been. 

What have you been loving recently?

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