Saturday 17 November 2018

How I handle the Black Friday madness

I won't lie to you, writing this post has been painful and I've toiled with the idea of even putting it up at all. Brands keep their sales and Black Friday deals locked away to the public until the day of the sale, which doesn't help me AT ALL. I did however manage to nab a few pieces from Jewellery Box that have been reduced for the occasion.

I think the trick to Black Friday or cyber Monday for that matter, is to be prepared (shocker). I start with a sweep of Instagram and my saved folder. I see the trends that I'm loving for the season and the pieces I'll need for these looks. I'll pair the item with matching things from my wardrobe, and fill the gaps of what I'm missing. Simples.

Next is to set a budget. Black Friday always falls a day or two before, on, or after my birthday, so splashing the cash never bothered me because it was 'present money'. However recently I've realised that that few hundred quid or so that I may get could go towards an actual savings account, with interest and a purpose. I'll probs forget about this come Friday but hey ho...

As mentioned before, I found it super hard this year to find any stores that were letting us know their deals for the day, so instead I've got all the tabs open of the items that I want, ready to add to my basket if there's a saving to be made.

Christmas? I've done nearly all of my Christmas shop already, but it doesn't stop me looking for last minute stocking fillers for the other half in the sales. I LOVE ASOS for presents as there's thousands (ish) brands on there for every kind of person.

I thought I'd show you some BF deals from Jewellery Box which are pretty fab. I was looking for a Tiffany like- heart charm bracelet (at a non Tiffany like price) and I've found a lovely one. The original price for the Sterling Silver stretchy beaded heart charm bracelet was £22, but now £9.75 on Friday. These Sterling Silver 4mm frosted stud earrings are perfect for the small earring lover who's ears can't handle fake metal. Was £4.15, now £3.55. Lastly, this Fine Sterling Silver adjustable bracelet with faceted round bead is so delicate a beautiful! At £7.45 from £14, its a lovely gift for Christmas (or yourself obviously) 


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