Thursday 22 November 2018

The Christmas Gift Guide: Women's stocking fillers

I recently came to understand that not everyone gets a stocking on Christmas eve, and to me that's really sad. I don't care how old I am, waking up to a stocking full of little bits and bobs, lying at the end of my bed on Christmas morning, is a feeling I want everyone to feel. So go grab a sock or something and get filling.

NO 7 High Shine lip duo
No one does Christmas sets like NO 7. This year's rosey pink and silver speckled packaging is a beauty, and the lip products inside are just as good. A Crayon is perfect for that lipstick-but-creamier- look, or go for the lipgloss for an ultra shiney vibe.

SLEEK MAKEUP Gloss like a Boss
Sticking on the lip gloss theme for a mo, this set of four lip glosses would be perfect for the younger makeup lover. At under £9; this is a fab secret santa gift, and a good size for a stocking of course too.

BATISTE Dry shampoo
An odd choice I hear you cry. Alas not I assure you. For a second after opening this, I may be a tad offended at the thought that you think my hair is greasy. But a second later I'll be relieved that i have this because most likely, my hair is actually greasy and you're saving my soul a tiny bit. Oh and it's a mini. We all love a mini.

SOAP & GLORY Merry Kiss-Much
This tree decoration present is pretty cute. The same whimsical design, with a gift tag would you believe it. The set includes their famous Sexy Mother Pucker Lip gloss, and a kohl eyeliner, because we all need the basics this christmas.

SKINNY DIP Shake your coconuts bath fizzers
When I received this in a Christmas goody I was very very happy. Not only does it look cute but the smell is beyond amazing (coconuts in the winter? Yes please). A glass of mulled wine and a soak with a chunk of this and you'll be good to go this Christmas.

SOAP & GLORY Glitz the Girl
Another set, but the perfect stocking size. An eyeliner, lip cream and face glitter later, your recipient will look like a very polished disco ball. We all want to be a disco ball.

Merry Christmas x 


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