Tuesday 27 November 2018

The Festive Guide to London

Christmas is FINALLY upon us, and whether you celebrate the birth of the big man or not, you won't be able to miss the festive cheer that's taken over the city. Today I bring you a short list of my favourite London hotspots to gather all of that holiday goodness before (or after) the big day arrives!

Covent Garden
On a recent trip to GC I stumbled (not planned AT ALL) across the prettiest displays. From a car filled with flowers, to a christmas bush. It's a thing. There are so many different displays at Covent Garden this year, so no matter what way you approach it, you'll be bound to see a line of bloggers waiting for a photo.

Oxford Circus
The lights are now up, and whilst the day time may seem full of shoppers running around like headless chickens (I never understood that tbh), the street is a sight to behold come the 6pm night time. Regent Street and London Zoo are amongst the many other places where the light displays have made headlines this year too.

Peggy Porschen
I won't dwell on Peggy's because we've heard it all before. BUT their festive coffees and hot chocolates do look pretty special this year, but you won't find me standing in that queue this time around.
Christmas Markets
From Winter Wonderland (a yearly favourite), to the Southbank, there are so many Christmas markets covering the country, never mind just London. My favourite is the former, and a yearly half-tradition-but-not-really to stumble across it for a hot chocolate and a German sausage or two.

The Ballets
A lifelong dream of mine as a child was to perform in the Nutcracker Ballet, since the day I first watched Barbie play her on video. I still haven't actually gone to see it yet, but there are so many different ones on thoughout the year. It just seems a little more magical at Christmas time.

Ice skating at the Natural History Museum.
I decided that for my recent birthday, myself and my favourite people would take to the ice in the heart of London. I can't skate. I did try. A little. It was a fabulous start to the evening however and I would certainly recommend it if you have an hour to kill!

I think I've captured a few things in one here so this shall be the end. Do let me know if you have any other festive favourite activities.


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