Wednesday 26 December 2018

Corporate Couture

I'm a "smart" kinda girl. I've watched The Devil Wears Prada a million times (ish) and wish I could pull off a suit like the likes of the two Victorias (Of In the From and of the Beckhams). I don't work in an office and have been told on a few occasions that I dress far above my pay grade. I won't pretend that I can walk in a pair of court heels, but it was that very court reason that I once signed up for, and began a Law undergrad degree. For the Fashion.

2018 was the year of discovering my style as such. I found beige to be the perfect mix and match tone and that midi skirts weren't the devil's craftwork. Mixing this with my love of corporate clothing, I've began to put together a chunk of my wardrobe for the board meetings at 10am that'll I probably never actually have. Have you ever done an online order and loved everything? This was that order.

The shirt and skirt are both from Pretty Little Thing. The former, oversized and bat winged a little, with my favourite kind of buttons and just the right amount of tuck-in-ableness. I don't own much snake print, or any animal print for that matter, so this skirt was a risk. At £6 its the best risk I can think of. The watch* is a new one by Elie Beaumont. Gorgeous and beige, and I adore the square face that I've never had before. And lastly, my new Lipault bag*, a gift after their new store launched, and the perfect size for my laptop. The quality is perfect and although you can't see it, the space inside is enough to rival that big blue time machine. 

Products marked with an (*) are gifted by the brand or their PR. This post is not sponsored. All thoughts are my own.


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