Monday 7 January 2019

Wardrobe basics | All year round

 I believe in basics. White t-shirts, good pair of Converse and a staple handbag. Check. My wardrobe is full of them. I'm often asked by people (aka my mum) on what to pair a fancy shoe with, or a patterned pair or trousers, and every answer is BASIC COLOURS. For me, that's the neutrals. For you it may be neons. Whatever you fancy. 

I layer a lot. Nude vests under shirts are the ultimate comfort and warmth helper. There isn't much I can say about vests, just get them. All of them. Next is the top. T-shirts, blouses, jumpers. This is where my basics get interesting. Basics don't need to be boring. A shirt I've barely taken off seems quite plain, but the buttons are beautiful and the sleeves are amazing. A basic? Yes. Fashion? Yes. 

Trousers. How I love them. A good pair of black or white palazzo trousers will do you well. I also love a fitted trouser too, like these Zara ones with the pleated top. The camel coat. Oh the camel coat. A piece that I will rebuy year after year. It goes with office wear. It goes with jeans and boots. Honestly there isn't an item that I couldn't live without more than this. 

The bag is the cherry on the bakewell tart (actually I hate cherries but here we are). This Radley bag is so beautiful. The leather isn't too stiff, and I don't feel too scared to ruin it. I'm hoping thats a positive. Lastly I've added a pair of court heels because although I'm not done training myself to walk in them, there isn't any shoe that I find more flattering on the leg than a court heel.

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