Monday 10 February 2020

How I'm spending Valentines day this year with Shein

Gifted AD| Valentines is a Friday this year if you didn't already know. Myself and Jay see each other from Saturday onwards so this Friday will be spent tucked up in bed with (hopefully a chinese? Mum??) and as usual, catching up on the 4 episodes of Love Island I'm behind. 

I'm not sad, and never having a valentines day hasn't left me wishing for one either. We're not overly romantic people at all (I'll make him one day) but for now that's fine with me. The whole "love is year round thing" works more for us. We're not lovey dovey at all, but it's the "I saw this and thought of you" or "lets travel instead of presents this year" type thing we're into.

I love seeing the seas of red and pink in the shops in February, but overpriced plastic flowers aren't my thing when the real ones are half the price round the corner. Am I dressing for V day? Yes, in pink and white and floral. Am I obsessing over a dinner reservation? No. Am I excited for our first trip of the year on Sunday? Absolutely. 

Dress gifted by Shein. Code 858070. Link click here  Use code SVD426 for an extra 15% off on any purchase from Feb 1st-March 31st


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