Monday 10 February 2020

How to spend Galentines with Shein

Gifted AD| Not all Valentines days must be spend with a potential life partner. It could, instead, be spent with the other most important people in your life... the girls.

Now, I'm not one with many friends I shall say. In Fact the idea of galentines still leaves me on edge, that anyone would spend their time with moi instead of someone of greater importance. This year however, I'm spending V day weekend in Rome with the boyfriend, so the 14th is free to plan a night in with the other people that I've grown fond of over this past year or so.

Step one: Matching PJs
Here I'm sporting my new pj set from Shein. It's pink, frilly, and perfect for V or G day as you will. Buy a few sets, everyone matches, and e all feel like we've got our lives together for one night of the year at least.

Step two: FOOD
I don't know anyone who doesn't love a bit of food on a Friday night. Awful, fatty, bad for you food I mean. I'm a masala kind of gal, or pizza- if it's with the edges and the cookie dough too obviously. 

Step three: Wine
Now, this could also be exchanged for gin, Lambrini (don't judge me) or any other alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverage that suits your fancy.

Step four: Going... out
In exchange for Step two and three, and moving step one down a few pegs to 2 or 3 am, going out to a themed evening isn't such a bad idea. Tonight Josephine is pink anyway for example, and a small, female dominated bar is a fab place for a gals night out. 

Other steps (because nothing makes sense anymore)
You could opt for a galentines morning, for brunch if work is not a necessity, or a nails date. The gossip had over a cup of tea at the local salon is not to be missed. Afternoon tea is another dainty, girly option for those who can't decide between sandwiches and cake, so opt for both. And finally, if you're really stuck for ideas, a girly spa day is never off the table. Book a neck and back massage and forget the boys completely.

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