Tuesday 1 September 2020

Hello Autumn


Hello Autumn.
Words I've longed to say for months now. Autumn is the season of hats, boots and getting that little bit jolly before the festive season begins. It's my favourite. It's September 1st. A new month, a academic year, and it's the start of a new hope as such. This year has been something out Hollywood came up with, and the faster to December and January we go, the better. 

The UK has this 1-3 ratio thing for seasons. 1/4 of the year is warm, and the other 3rds are chilly, with maybe a glimpse of sun. I'm fine with that truly. I do get to March and wish for warmer weather, but that only gives me a break and the chance to get excited to wear jumpers all over again anyway. I'm a winter baby, born in November and I thrive in the chilliness of it all. You'd think I'd be set again these months, being anemic and seizing up like a 90 year old the second the wind starts, but alas, those you love the most hurt you the most, or something like that. 

Let's talk autumn fashion. Firstly, fashion week. Now for this year The British Fashion Council have announced that the schedule will be partly online and partly in person, and notedly, genderless for the first time. Now, I love fashion week. Getting invites in my inbox and my post box and then... not going to a single show because I've either forgotten or work gets in the way. I love watching the Paris shows more though I must say, Chanel for one of course. But the vibe of LFW, the buzz, the Saturday shooting around The Strand and seeing people you haven't seen in years or those you've followed for indeed years. I doubt I'll be attending anything this year for a few reasons, but it's still TBC and I'm excited to see how it plays out. I'll miss it though but the show must go on. 

I've never been a hat girl. I've got a 5-head and a half and hats have never suited me. But since binging on Gossip Girl and realising that I am indeed Ms B Waldorf, I've never said no to a beret. I also made a brand new purchase into my life in March last year, the fedora. If you're not a hat person, get one. If you think it won't suit you, get one. They've changed my life and I realised that maybe, just a little bit, I am a hat person after all.

Whilst boots are a major love of my life, they're so fundamental that they deserve their own post. For today I'll stick to hats and blazers. The latter are a staple I've only just come to love. I was sent the one here by a brand last winter (Feb/March... who knows what was what with this year anymore). It's majorly oversized and at the time I couldn't work out what I wanted to do with it. But I didn't think to just belt it. Belt it and cinch it and it's perfect. I belt everything and love a chunky one to say the least. 

Let's talk about this little space. I've been neglecting it over the past year. I thought that with lockdown and so much free time that I'd want to write, but I just didn't. I do a freelance piece ever month for a brand and that was as far as my creativeness could go. But this morning I finally felt the urge to just write, and that's something I haven't felt in a while. So whilst I can't promise consistency or in depth thrilling posts, I can promise that from now on, the only things being published are the ones I've truly loved to write.

K x


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